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When Anne Shirley goes away to college in Anne of the Island and has to adjust to new surroundings, she understandably feels uprooted from her familiar home life.  She is sad and homesick for her first few days in Kingsport (the college town) and longs to feel a sense of belonging in her new home.  I understand how she feels.  You make a home for yourself, arrange everything the way you like it, get used to how the light shines in your room, how many steps it takes to get from the kitchen to the living room.  Your body becomes accustomed to certain movements–like the exact distance your arm has to reach to open the refrigerator when you stand in front of the microwave.  Or the feel of the floor on your feet when you get up in the morning.  You just expect certain things to be.

And then you move.

And everything is different.  Your things are the same, but they aren’t in the right spots.  The new home smells different–maybe like the people who lived here before you; maybe like the cleaning supplies used before you move in–not the same kind you use.  But definitely not like your home.  The water pressure in the shower is different.  Turning on the kitchen faucet requires different muscle movement than your last faucet.  And this is just inside the home, to say nothing of how you have to get used to new grocery store layouts and not seeing the same cashiers you’ve been used to talking to.  You miss the old neighbors, and don’t yet know what the new ones are like.  You have to remember to drive to the new home, not the familiar path to the old.

Change is a good thing, and often an exciting one.  But I didn’t want to move.  I was content and comfortable at the old home.  However, I have been uprooted and have to make the best of it.  It really isn’t bad at all.  It’s just that I’ve had an emotional time of it.  I have to remember that everything happens for a reason.  When God closes a door, He opens a window.

I am slowly acclimating myself to my new home, and in order to concentrate on happy things I have made a list of ten things I love about my new home.

1. The Kitchen Window  I’ve always wanted a kitchen window over my sink, and now I have one!  There’s a pretty little tree right outside the window, and the shadows it throws into the kitchen are delightful.

2. Bright Light  I now have windows that face East & West & South.  That means lots of light, and a nice cross breeze when the windows are open.

3. A shower with a curtain instead of shower doors.  Makes it so much easier to give Strawberry a bath now that there isn’t a door covering half the bathtub.  And there’s no track along the edge of the tub either.  I used to have dents in my elbows and knees from trying to lean over it to wash her hair.

4. The Carpet  It’s so plushy and soft!  Feels so good on my feet, especially first thing in the morning :).

5. The Radio  This place came with a built in radio/intercom.  It’s built into the walls in all it’s 1985 glory!  But it still works great.  It’s the clearest reception I’ve ever heard.  It’s so fun to turn on the radio in the living room and hear it in both the bedrooms and in the garage.  And there’s an intercom attached so that if you are in one room and someone else is in another, you can talk through that.  (As if that’s necessary.  The place is small enough where you can hear what’s going on in any room of the house!  Which is funny. But it’s still cool!)

6. More space in the kitchen  I love having room to move around in the kitchen.  This kitchen has plenty of counter space and is easier to navigate than the last one.

7. The Fixtures  I think the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom are pretty.  And the light fixtures are updated and pretty too.  Everything is a brushed nickel finish.  It looks nice.

8. Fireplace and Mantel  It is a drawback that the fireplace is for show and not for real fires.  We were told someone had previously ripped out the gas line that was attached to the fireplace.  However, it’s still nice to look at it and imagine a fire.  Plus, the mantel makes a good place for seasonal decorations!

9. Doorbell Ringer  The last doorbell ring we had was jarring and unpleasant and too loud.  This new one is perfect.

10. The Library  Ok, technically this doesn’t apply to the house itself.  But the location of our new home means that now we are in the library district I want to be in.  Our last place was located one block on the wrong side of the road, and consequently we couldn’t get  library cards in the district I wanted.  Even though we lived in the same town as the library.  Which sounds ridiculous.  But that’s how it is.

So there you have it.  Ten things I am excited about.  And as we settle in and make this nest ours, I’m sure there will be even more to love.  And I still feel like Anne Shirley, but now I relate to her more hopeful side when she says to her friend, “I believe I’ve put forth a tiny soul-root into Kingsport soil this afternoon.  I hope so.  I hate to feel transplanted.”