I have been wanting to do the 31 days challenge for years! This year, I am finally going to do it.

I’m slipping in just under the wire here, but it’s still October 1st, so I’m good. While there is such a wide range of children’s literature, I am going to focus on two age groups: 0-3 years and 4-7 years. Because that’s what we read around here (seeing as we have a one year old and a four year old). I’ll share books we are enjoying and authors we like as well as thoughts and suggestions/recommendations. And maybe other bookish things. I can’t get enough of reading!

Day 1: New Library Books
Day 2: Favorite Board Books
Day 3: Finding Book Recommendations (Part One)
Day 4: Fall Favorites
Day 5: ABC Books
Day 6: Author Spotlight: Richard Scarry
Day 7: Finding Book Recommendations (Part Two)
Day 8: Author Spotlight: Karen Katz
Day 9: Inspiring Ideas from Around the Blogosphere (#1)
Day 10: Counting Books
Day 11: Novelty Books
Day 12: Author Spotlight: Lucy Cousins
Day 13: Audio Books
Day 14: Children’s Poetry
Day 15: Inspiring Ideas from Around the Blogosphere (#2)
Day 16: Author Spotlight: Eric Carle
Day 17: Friend’s Book Recommendations
Day 18: Picture Books in a Series
Day 19: Author Spotlight: Leo Lionni
Day 20: Our Kid’s Bookshelves
Day 21: Another Library Stack
Day 22: Inspiring Ideas from Around the Blogoshpere (#3)
Day 23: Birthday Books
Day 24: Author Spotlight: Margaret Wise Brown
Day 25: Books About Colors
Day 26: More Friend Recommendations
Day 27: Chapter Books
Day 28: Non-fiction for Kids
Day 29: Magazines for Kids
Day 30: Books and Movies
Day 31: Literature and Halloween Costumes