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We love libraries!  While I do like to have lots of kid’s books available at home, the library has so many new-to-us selections that it’s irresistible.  What an unbelievable resource!  We do pick a few randoms off the shelf, but I usually like to go according to recommendations.  Right now we are working on a book list in the preschool curriculum Twenty-six Letters to Heaven.  Can you tell which letter we are on?  It’s P!

A couple of the books from this stack that I am looking forward to the most:

The Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack.  We read her Angus books last year and they were just delightful.  And anyway, I have a soft spot for the era in which the story was written.

Pancakes, Pancakes by Eric Carle.  Strawberry’s favorite breakfast is pancakes.  They are our “special” Sunday breakfast.  She asks me, “Is it pancake Sunday?” when she’s hoping for pancakes for breakfast.  And Eric Carle is always popular around here.

Friendly Tales by Margaret Wise Brown.  This is a collection of stories by Margaret Wise Brown.  It wasn’t technically on the list.  We were looking for Seven Little Postmen (which we got) but this was in the bin with it.  (This particular library has the most popular authors’ books grouped in bins on the top of the shelf.  It makes for easy browsing and you end up choosing other good books that weren’t originally on the list.  I like the set up.)  Margaret Wise Brown is such a favorite of ours that every time Strawberry “reads” a book to herself or to Blueberry the book is always “by Margaret Wise Brown.” 🙂

We don’t usually get many board books from the library.  We have a fair amount at home that I really like and prefer to use because board books often end up in the mouth.  And many at the library look like that’s exactly where they’ve been!  Sometimes a couple end up in our check-out pile anyway because they are always down at eye level for the kids and it’s hard to say no when they really want to bring them home.  That happened yesterday, so we also checked out Bitsy and Dotty.  Both are part of a series called Simply Small by Paola Opal and both were in good shape, so we got them.  We had previously checked out Totty, so the format looked familiar.  I think that’s what caught Strawberry’s eye.

We are looking forward to diving in and discovering some new stories!

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