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I’ve enjoyed books by Richard Scarry since I was a child.  I have given them as gifts to many children I know, and now I have them in my own home and share them with my kids.  They are perennial favorites.  According to Wikipedia, he wrote and illustrated over 300 books!  I didn’t know that.  I knew he wrote a lot–but 300??? Wow.

When I think of Richard Scarry books, of course the ones I think of are what I am going to call “coffee table books for kids.”  You can’t really sit and read one all the way from beginning to end…well, I guess you could but it’s not as much fun that way.  They are best to sit down and browse through slowly, looking at all the little scenarios and taking in all the little things that are happening there.  The nails that have trailed out of the hardware store, thereby puncturing a tire which has gone flat on the next page.  The goldbug that peeks out, playing hide and seek with it’s young reader.  The reckless driver that wreaks havoc on the road and is chased down by a motorcycle cop.

The ones we have in our home and are our favorites are What Do People Do All Day?; Cars and Trucks and Things That Go; Busy, Busy Town; and  Best Word Book Ever.  These are also the ones I have given as gifts and have been told by more than one mother how these have become their kids favorites as well.  As a child, I also read a lot of the Little Golden Books (who hasn’t?).  I plan to share these with my kids too.

Now that I know that Richard Scarry wrote 300 books (!), I’m going to go to the library and do some exploring.  What gems have I been missing?

What are some of your favorite Richard Scarry books?

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