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I must still have board books on my mind–Karen Katz’s books are (from what I can tell) almost all board books.  Or very sturdy lift-the-flap books.  They are great for the very young, but my four year old still loves them!  Very simple text, bright colors, interesting details.  I think they are popular around here because the kids like to do the actions the book is describing: “One nuzzle-wuzzle wake up hug” and then we do a nuzzle-wuzzle wake up hug.  Or “Three silly tickles on a soft, pudgy chin” and then we tickle chins.  It’s easy and fun and the kids can’t get enough.  And then they want to do it back to you!  That being said, here are our favorites:

Ten Tiny Tickles.  Tickles all around!

Mommy Hugs.  She also wrote Daddy Hugs which we haven’t read yet.

Where is Baby’s Beach Ball?  Fun to lift the flaps.

Excuse Me! A Little Book of Manners.  Fun to practice and role play.

Best Ever Big Sister.  This was the best book about a new baby’s arrival that I could find.  So many of them made a new sibling’s arrival into a problem.  I didn’t want Strawberry to even consider that a new baby is anything but a good thing.  If there were specific concerns after he arrived, we could address those then.  But before he was even born?  No way.  This book was great.  There is also Best Ever Big Brother.

Which Karen Katz books are your favorites?

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