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Every time I decide to do a blog post on an author we like, I find that they have written so many more books than I thought and there are plenty that I haven’t read yet!  I’m undecided whether to be excited about this because here’s a whole bunch of new books to check out (Yay!) or sad about it because here I am “spotlighting” an author we enjoy and I’m woefully ignorant of so much of their work.  I guess I’ll go with both.  But the point of talking about different authors is to spread the word about their books, so even if we’ve only read a few, oh well.

Moving on…

We were introduced to Lucy Cousins’ books during baby story time with Strawberry.  Along with songs and nursery rhymes, the librarian read Hooray for Fish.  I ended up getting it out of the library a few times because I liked it so much and by the time Blueberry came on the scene, I decided it should probably just be a permanent fixture in our home.  We often quote the line at the end: “Kiss, kiss, kiss, hooray for fish!”

In addition to Hooray for Fish, the Maisy books are an ever-popular choice around here.  We have Maisy Cleans Up; Maisy Takes a Bath; Maisy Goes Camping (Strawberry’s #1 choice for Maisy); Maisy Dresses Up; and  Maisy’s Bedtime.  We’ve also checked out several Maisy books from the library.  Maisy sure is a busy little mouse!

Cousins has a simple style in both words and illustrations, which seems to really captivate her audience.  At least my kids love it.  And now that I know she has even more books that we haven’t experienced yet…you know what’s going to be in my library bag this week!

Any Lucy Cousins books you especially enjoy?

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