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Leo Lionni is a new-to-me author.  I just started picking up his books from the library.  They are somehow different. He has an original way of thinking.  The stories by Lionni tend to go in a different direction than I expect.  He expresses things in a way I would never have thought of.  The illustrations are so good that a few of his books have received Caldecott Awards.  I recommend taking a look and see what you think.

Inch by Inch.  A smart worm outwits the birds.  I think this one was our favorite out of the Lionni books and it’s a Caldecott winner.

A Color of His Own.  Another chameleon book about changing colors.  Like the one I mentioned in my post about Eric Carle.

Frederick.  Little Frederick mouse gets ready for winter in his own way.  This one was another of the Caldecott Award books.

Fish is Fish.  A fish and a tadpole are friends and learn that they are different from each other.  I liked this one.

An Extraordinary Egg.  Little frogs discover an egg and speculate about what will hatch. I was laughing out loud at this one!  So funny.

Have you read any books by Leo Lionni?  What do you think?

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