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While I would like to make a regular weekly trip to the library, it just isn’t feasible for us at this point.  We do go as often as possible, but sometimes we just go for story time and don’t get any new books.  Or we go for just one or two books that we just thought of or heard of randomly.  But this week we returned most of the last stack of books, and got a fresh new bunch.  Here they are!

Library Selections 10.21The kids picked some randoms to throw into the stroller, plus we are on letter Q for the book list.  And I added a couple extra things: Some new-to-us Margaret Wise Brown books. (I think I’m going to have to do an author spotlight on her.  I can’t resist.)  The library has those “bin books”  I was telling you about.  And when you go into a particular author’s bin for a specific book, it’s hard to not choose some others that are literally at your fingertips.  Also picked up a version of Little Red Riding Hood because that’s who Strawberry wants to be for Halloween.  And also the Little Bear books that a friend recommended for my friend’s favorites post.  I hadn’t heard of them, and there are quite a few, so I chose three of them from the bin.

Others I am looking forward to reading:

Quiet!  There’s a Canary in the Library by Don Freeman.  Somehow, this sounds familiar.  Maybe I read it a long time ago.  It’s very possible because it’s the same author as Courderoy.  It looks like a fun read!

Quack and Count by Keith Baker.  Strawberry must have been looking forward to this one too because she just asked me to read it, so I did.  It’s the same author as LMNO Peas.  And guess what?  More ladybugs to look for!  (We have a fondness for ladybugs.)

Yay for new books!

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