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I have to do it.  She’s one of my all-time favorite authors.  And I know I keep talking about her books, but how can I not.  I just enjoy Margaret Wise Brown’s works so much!  She writes so simply and lyrically.  And the subjects of her books are so relatable to the children listening to them.  Plus, they all have that old-timey feel that I love.  I saw on Amazon that she wrote over 100 books. Some of her works were not published until recently.  Apparently, according to Wikipedia, many stories were kept for years in an old trunk before they were unearthed and published.

Here are some of our favorites (some of which I have already mentioned in other posts in this series):

Goodnight Moon.  Of course this one tops the list.  I know, it’s everyone else’s favorite too, but I had to list it.

Big Red Barn.  My kids love animal books.  I love the illustrations in this one by Felicia Bond.

The Color Kittens.  Elderberry remembers this one from his own childhood and it was the first book he picked out for our own kids’ library.

The Important Book.  Sweet and simple explanations, although some made me laugh. 🙂

The Noisy Book.  Concentrated on the sense of hearing.  What could those sounds be??  There is a whole series of “Noisy” books.

And a couple new ones from the library that we are just digging into:

Friendly Tales.  This is a compilation of several books–a Little Golden Book Collection.  It has both stories and poems.  We liked Seven Little Postmen.

The Friendly Book.  Talks about liking snow, seeds, bugs.  All things children can relate to.

My World of Color.  All the colors of the rainbow.  Reminds me of The Color Kittens a little bit.

Mouse of My Heart: A Treasury of Sense and Nonsense.  I haven’t started this one yet, but the title got me.  For one, I like to peruse through treasuries.  And for two, the reference to “nonsense.”  I’ve always liked non-sensical poetry.  In college, I had to get up in English class to recite a poem and the one I chose was “Jabberwocky.”  I still like that one.  I’m hoping the poems in this book are just as fun.

What are your favorite Margaret Wise Brown books?

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