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I think magazines are a wonderful treat to have in the home.  They provide a variation in your literary diet, so to speak.  And they are so beautiful to look at and articles are in shorter, digestible lengths.  The same goes for kid’s magazines.  We have a couple subscriptions in our home that were generously given for birthdays and I recommend them both:

Highlights High Five, which is a version of Highlights geared for the younger set.  It still features the Hidden Pictures, which was my favorite thing about Highlights.  (Isn’t it everybody’s favorite??)  They also have one for babies called Hello.  It looks cute too!

National Geographic Little Kids.  Again, a version for the age group we are looking for here in the Berry Patch.  There’s also National Geographic Kids for ages 6-14.  Fantastic pictures and all the kids I know love looking at animals.

We don’t actually get a subscription to Ranger Rick, but I remember it being interesting when I was reading it as a kid.  They have a younger version of that one too.

Another magazine I’ve looked at is Ladybug (and Babybug for the babies), but we never actually subscribed.  I remember it being rather expensive, so even though it looked good, our viewing of this one has been limited to what we have seen at the library.

We don’t check out a lot of magazines from the library because of how easily they can be damaged, but they are available at most libraries.  Another resource to take advantage of!

I came across this list, which has a much broader selection of kid’s magazines.

Do you have any magazine subscriptions in your home, and, if so, what are your favorites?

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