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How could I have missed spotlighting Robert McCloskey when I was doing all my 31 days posts last October?? He’s one of my favorites. The kids and I are currently loving all things McCloskey. I could look at his illustrations for hours. Ever take a good long look at the end papers in Blueberries for Sal? Sigh. I love the details, I love the time period. So charming.

Strawberry has recently been enamored with One Morning in Maine and I’m with her on that one. In looking online, I don’t see anywhere that these are the same characters that appeared in Blueberries for Sal, but it sure looks that way. You know what is especially captivating? The family relationships, particularly the sisters. The simplicity of the pursuits of their day. Sal’s childlike anticipation of a trip to town and a special treat when she gets there. The whole thing is a sweet portrayal of family life in an idyllic small town setting. And Strawberry really identifies with the character. I think she’s just waiting for one of her teeth to come loose and fall out.

Yesterday I read the chapter in Homer Price entitled “The Doughnuts.” A little background here: we have a small local doughnut shop within walking distance from us. (Come to think about it, I’ve written about it before. And I mentioned in that post about how it reminded me of Uncle Ulysses and Aunt Agnes’ Lunchroom–don’t you just love those names!) Anyway, we go to this doughnut shop after Mass on Sundays for a treat–their freshly made doughnuts are fantastic! So it has an enshrined place in the minds of my little Berries. I figured that a story about a similar place would strike a chord, and I figured correctly. And anyway, it’s my favorite story in Homer Price (seconded by “Mystery Yarn.”) The story is just as wonderful as I remember it.

It’s such a pleasure to be sharing these stories with the kids. I’m remembering my own delight from the ones I read years ago, and also loving that we are sharing new discoveries that I had no idea existed when I was young.

Just found these two books on Amazon that now I want to read:

McCloskey book 1



McCloskey book 2


Now I have to read Time of Wonder and Burt Dow, Deep-water Man, the two that I haven’t yet seen.

Happy reading!