tea kettle



My life is currently full of family and home life, which is wonderful because that’s just exactly what thrills me!  I am so happy and blessed to be a (mostly) stay at home wife (to Elderberry) and mother (to Strawberry, age 4 & Blueberry, age 1).

And ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a writer.  From what I hear, a writer is someone who writes.  So that’s my plan.  To write, to practice writing, and to enjoy writing.  (And even if some days I don’t enjoy it, at least to have some motivation to get it done.)  For years I have been procrastinating, giving myself excuses for why I don’t write, giving other people excuses for why I don’t write.  So, here I am writing about something that I love.  I may or may not have anything important to say, but now I want to merge my dreams with my reality.

The idea for Small Home Comforts came to me when I realized what a big impact small actions can make.  Case in point: having a bath mat or towel to step on in the bathroom.  Have you ever stepped out of a nice warm shower onto a cold bathroom floor?  It’s not pleasant.  But if you have a nice comfy bath mat to step onto–now that’s a big deal to me.  And such a small thing to really think about.  When was the last time you thought about your bath mat?  Well, if it’s not there when you step from the shower, you’ll notice!  And I think there are so many other small matter things in our homes that can make a big impact on our comfort level.  And that’s important to me.  People have many different aspects of their homes that are important to them.  For me, the top priority is comfort.  A home has to be comfortable and welcoming.  That’s really what I strive for in my home.  I may not always reach that goal, but that’s my ideal.

There are, of course, other aspects of life at home that are important to me too.  I won’t be writing about bath mats all the time! 🙂  I’m planning to share lots of things that are meaningful in my life, even if they may not be big-picture important.

I think many people who know me personally would say I’m (for the most part!) a private person.  I plan to keep it that way online as well.  For that reason and to respect the privacy of others, I am going to use pseudonyms for most of the people I mention.

I am looking forward to this exciting adventure into the blogoshere, and hope you will come join me!  Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet.  I hope you will feel welcome and comfortable.


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